Here are some common questions we recieve


The Rally Tab is sufficiently bright in daylight for rally use.

While it is a tablet, and there will be a certain amount of glare, we feel our screen brightness is what sets us apart from any other digital roadbook out there.

We have not yet had a client have such a big crash as to destroy the roadbook. It is purpose built to be rugged and tough for rally racing. However, should such a catastrophic crash occur, if you had a paper roadbook holder, that would also be destroyed. The notion that a crash will only destroy a digital roadbook and not a paper roadbook is false.

Furthermore, the digital roadbook is mounted in such a way that it is unlikely to get damaged in a crash unless you cartwheel.

The benefit of a digital roadbook is that you can pre-load the route on your phone, and thus, should a catastrophic crash occur, you can use your phone to access the roadbook.

Thus a digital roadbook provides more redundancy than a normal paper roadbook.


The Rally Tab does not need a cell or WIFI signal to operate. However, you do need cell or wi-fi access in order to download or upload routes.

You do not need a cell or WIFI signal to use the GPS or roadbook (once loaded).

You can operate the roadbook by using a thumb switch, similar (in some cases the same) as the multiswitch used to control conventional roadbooks and odometers, that mounts to your handlebars.

We offer an in-house bluetooth thumb switch solution with our bundle package, but there are some independent producers of bluetooth switches that are also compatible with the tablet.

There are also options for using your standard rally multiswitch and connecting it to a bluetooth box.

The Bluetooth connection is very stable, and connection issues are rare.


The Rally Tab is fully responsive even with gloves on. 

At the moment it is not a purpose built tracking device, but if you use the correct apps, it can function as a tracking device, as long as you have cell (GPRS) reception.

We have how to videos where you learn the ins and outs of The Rally Tab and learn how to use the Tab

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