who we are

Started through a
passion for rally

My obsession, love, and passion for rally racing, paired with my drive to make the sport safer, more accessible, and more affordable, led to the development of the Rally Tab.

The Rally Tab is a cutting-edge, top-of-the-line digital roadbook. More than just a roadbook it is a multipurpose navigational device.

This means you can use the device for normal everyday navigation, as well as for rally racing, or offroad racing.

who we are

What makes The Rally Tab different?

What makes this tablet special and different from other tablets is not only that it was purpose-built for outdoor use, but that it is a normal tablet, electronic roadbook, trip meter, cap repeater, and GPS all in one, so you have one device that you can use for everything, even taking photos and videos or making phone calls.

If you are not a rally racer, the tablet is also perfectly suited to gps riding and offoad racing. It has a much better and bigger screen than a conventional gps, giving you a competitive advantage if it comes to gps racing.

who we are

All-in-one rally solution

With this next evolution in rally navigational equipment, our rally tablet creates a way for future rally riders to get into the sport without the massive capital outlay of buying dedicated traditional rally navigation equipment.

It also eliminates the need for a tower (another cost saving), all the work, effort, wiring, additional hardware, etc that is required with a conventional/traditional paper roadbook set up with all the trip meters, switches, gps antennas, etc.

who we are

From the founder

“The Rally Tablet we have today is the result of over 2 years of intense research, testing and passion.

We wanted to create a solution for rally and adventure riders that is user-friendly, and totally reliable, while being affordable and accessible to the majority of riders, with the goal of getting more riders into the sport of rally, without breaking the bank.

There was nothing on the market we felt that could achieve this, and thus, we started to develop the Rally Tablet.

I can say with confidence that this is the best solution for roadbook navigation on the market today. It is a truly plug & play, all-in-one, rugged, multi-use navigation device.”

– Willem Avenant (CEO & Founder)


Our Track Record

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Key features of the rally tab

Waterproof, Dustproof &
Vibration Proof

The rugged design of The Rally Tab gives you peace-of-mind when doing the sport you love

4G LTE &

The WIFI & 4G compatibility allows you to download roadbooks on the go


The Rally Tab comes standard with a 1000 Nit Screen which allows for daylight readability