the rally tab

What is the rally tab?

The Rally Tablet is purpose-built, handmade to order for rally and adventure riders. It is a tough, durable, lightweight, multi-use navigation device.

The Rally Tab is water, dust, and vibration proof, constructed out of quality materials to withstand the rigors of rally racing and adventure riding.

It has been personally tested by myself and many other racers around the world since 2020. I always strive for more and better, and thus, the development of the tablet is never complete, we always want to make it even better.

The Rally Tab is currently the brightest screen that you can buy on the consumer market. The platform is stable and very robust.

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Key features of the rally tab

Waterproof, Dustproof &
Vibration Proof

The rugged design of The Rally Tab gives you peace-of-mind when doing the sport you love

4G LTE &

The WIFI & 4G compatibility allows you to download roadbooks on the go


The Rally Tab comes standard with a 1000 Nit Screen which allows for daylight readability

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Why choose
the rally tab

01. Rugged (IP 67)

02. Waterproof

03. Dust-proof

04. Vibration-proof

05. 1000 nit (bright) screen

06. Very accurate GPS (GLONASS and BeiDou)

07. Proven tough

08. Lightweight

09. 4G/LTE enabled (requires sim)

10 Wi-Fi

11. 10000 mAH battery

12. Can be used as everyday tablet

13. Plug and play, no complicated wiring