uses of the rally tab

Digital Roadbook

Works great as a digital roadbook for cross-country rally raids. There are a variety of apps that can be used. Some are the normal PDF viewer version and some are more advanced, with waypoint validation, speed zone assist, etc.

A major benefit is that if you are using a digital roadbook, the cap and odometer are included, and literally all you need to ride a roadbook is a digital roadbook. 

Gone are the days when you had to buy a paper roadbook holder, a separate odo, a separate cap repeater, and a GPS. This device does everything in one package.

Another point to consider is due to the light weight of this digital roadbook, you do not need to have a tower, like conventional rally bikes require, another major cost saving.

Furthermore, there is no wiring that needs to be done, no more electrical faults to sort out, or expensive connectors to buy. All you need is a 12v power supply. This is a major benefit, as many problems on conventional rally setups are due to wiring issues.

uses of the rally tab

Why the rally tab

Paper Roadbook vs Digital Roadbook

Paper roadbook holder

Digital roadbook

uses of the rally tab


The Rally Tablet also works perfectly as a GPS. In fact, it works better than any conventional GPS on the market, because of the bigger screen.

Thus, it is a perfect replacement for a conventional GPS, and performs all the tasks (and more) of a conventional GPS.

You can easily record a track, import a track, save a route, or plan a trip just like you would on your normal GPS.

The GPS chip utilizes several satellite networks, making it more accurate, and much faster than conventional GPS devices.

Controller buttons can be used for panning and zooming as well (depending on GPS software).

uses of the rally tab

normal android tablet

Over and above the specialized uses listed above, it acts as a normal tablet. Thus you can use it to make calls (if you put in a SIM card), access the internet, read emails, take photos, etc.