hardware for the rally tab

Extended rally
handlebar arms

If you do not already have a tower or a place to mount the tablet, the handlebar arms are the perfect, easy, lightweight solution to mount your tablet on your bike.

These specific arms are longer than the normal handlebar arms, so you get a better view of the tablet, more centered in your field of vision, as opposed to the standard handlebar arms, eliminating the need to look down so much, making rinding safer.

The reason we can have long handlebar mounts is because of the fact the tablet is much lighter than the conventional rally setup.

The tablet will also fit on normal, conventional handlebar arms.

Our handlebar arms come with mounting blocks included.

hardware for the rally tab

Tablet Holders

For the tablet holder we have 2 options, a lightweight, easy to remove, adventure mount, utilizing RAM style arms and balls, or the more rugged, sturdy, and more permanent aluminum rally mount.

Tablet mount

hardware for the rally tab

Tablet Holder Options


ADV mount

The ADV Mount is perfect for weekend riding or adventure riding, not suggested for hard racing. Great if you are planning to take the tablet on and off a lot.

Rally Mount

The Rally Mount is a more permanent option that is very sturdy and solid. Designed for rally racing or around-the-world travel. Affixes to the crossbar of the tower or rally arms.

hardware for the rally tab


Here we have 3 options, depending on your preference. All our buttons utilize 5v USB power. All our buttons are Bluetooth buttons, thus they pair with the tablet. We use the most cutting-edge technology to ensure a fast and stable connection to the tablet.

For example, if you use the Rally Tab only as a roadbook and you are still using conventional trip meters, you can set it so the existing multi-switch controls the conventional trip meters, while it also moves the roadbook on the screen. Or you can have one set of buttons control the conventional trip and another the odo on the tablet.

It is important to note that the functions of the buttons are determined by the software you use, and that in most cases the buttons are programmable via the app you choose to use.

Many gps apps also support panning and viewing with buttons

hardware for the rally tab

Controller Options


Adjust odometer and scroll roadbook forward and backward

Rally Pro

Adjust the odometer, plus adjust second odometer (partial distance), with buttons, while scrolling roadbook with the toggle switch.


Bluetooth Converter Box

This is for when you have an existing RNS, F2R, ICO, etc multi-switch, and you want to use it with the tablet. The device converts the buttons to a Bluetooth signal, allowing you to use all of the features or if you prefer, only some.