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  • J-Mount Silicon Mount


    The Benefits Of The Silicon GPS Mount Are:


    Tablet mount is perfect for Road Book rally and long-distance traveling use, where a digital road book or large screen navigation device is preferred.

    J-Mount Tablet Mount, designed specifically for a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ – the mount has an inside dimension of 212.5mm x 124.5mm x 8.2mm

    Fits ADV Rally Tab

    Fits most 8″ tablets.

    Mount only, no arms or mounting blocks included.

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  • Lite/ADV bundle


    The Lite/ADV bundle is the complete set we recommend for anyone wanting to start out in rally or needing a navigation device at a discounted price. This kit includes everything you need to get started. It is important to note that this is our “starter” kit and not the race/pro kit.

    The bundle includes everything you need to get set up and is an all-in-one solution, nothing else is needed.

    Kit includes:

    • The Rally Tab Lite/Adv
    • RAM style mount and handlebar mount arm
    • 4 Button Controller
    • USB Power Cable
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    Our new entry-level tablet. This is not our race model (which is optimized for racing). It has been developed specifically to reach the broader motorcycling community in order to expose them to rally racing at a more affordable price point.

    This is the perfect option for those wanting to get into rally raid or the weekend adventurer needing a high-quality, big-screen GPS navigation device.


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  • Rally Tab Bundle


    The Rally Tab is the complete set we recommend for anyone wanting to start in rally or completely overhaul their current roadbook setup at a discounted price.

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  • The Rally Tab


    The Rally Tablet is purpose-built, handmade to order for rally and adventure riders. It is a tough, durable, lightweight, multi-use navigation device.

    It is water, dust, and vibration proof, constructed out of quality materials to withstand the rigors of rally racing and adventure riding.

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  • Rally Tab – Mount for ADV riding


    The ADV Mount is perfect for weekend riding or adventure riding, not suggested for hard racing. Great if you are planning to take the tablet on and off a lot.

    Includes RAM-style arm and claw.

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  • Extended Rally Handlebar Arms


    These specific arms are longer than the normal handlebar arms, so you get a better view of the tablet, more centred in your field of vision, as opposed to the standard handlebar arms, eliminating the need to look down so much, making riding safer.

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  • Rally Pro Controller


    Adjust the ODO, plus adjust second ODO (partial distance), with buttons, while scrolling roadbook with the toggle switch.

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  • 4 Button Controller


    Adjust ODO and scroll roadbook forward and backward

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  • Bluetooth Converter Box


    This is for when you have an existing RNS, F2R, ICO, etc multi-switch, and you want to use it with the tablet. The device converts the buttons to a Bluetooth signal, allowing you to use all of the features or if you prefer, only some.

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  • USB Power Cable


    Fused power cable that connects straight to battery with two USB ports, one for tablet and one for the controller.

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  • Circuit Adapter (KTM & Husky only)


    This eliminates the need for writing. The adapter plugs straight into the indicator circuit of a KTM or Husky, fusing the power supply automatically. Important to note that this will only provide power when the bike is running.

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